Rose gold cinematography

REDucation X

Tech : Cameras By Photo by RED

Apply for a coveted spot at REDucation-X, and you might as well begin working on your Oscar speech now. Shooting on the RED EPIC or SCARLET have quickly become the gold standard in the world of independent film, as well as commercial and industrial shoots.

The intensive, hands-on program provides students with practical knowledge of working in 4K (if you’re wondering what that is, this post isn’t for you) on RED gear from the set to post production making you an sought-after member of any production team — or an owner/operator.

During the course, which runs from October through January 2013, amateur auteurs will spend 16 weeks in Los Angeles immersed in a program that walks through preproduction, production, and post-production and distribution. You’ll learn executive and line production, direction, lighting, offline and online editorial, and film distribution. Half traditional school, half intensive training, REDucation-X is nothing like that Spanish 101 make-up class you took in the summer of 2003, and everything like the mind-blowing film-production course of your dreams. Just remember, keep your speech humble.

Buy Now: $15,000