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Motion Simulation TL1

Cars By Photo by MS VIA

Admit it. If your wife/girlfriend was cool enough to let you put a hulking driving simulator in your living room, you wouldn’t hesitate for a nano-second. Well, if you do ever get the green light (good luck), behold the bank draining option that is the Motion Simulation TL1 Driving Simulator ($18,600).

Built in collaboration with Ariel Motors, creators of the Ariel Atom track day dream car. the TL1 trumps all others by virtue of its peripheral views made possible through three high-def projectors. This 180 degree spherical setup allows you to get a better view of the overall track thanks to its 7 million pixel ouput, providing a more realistic viewpoint than a standard flatscreen can provide. You can even connect your existing PS3 or Xbox 360 for expanded gaming possibilities (hello Call of Duty), so you’re not limited to just the driving experience. So, if you want to spend nearly $20K to find out if an Ariel Atom purchase should be in your future, this might be the logical first step. Just don’t get in the habit trying to toss your cigarette butts out the side window.

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