Style Pick: Allen Edmonds Fastball Boat Shoe

Style : Clothing By Photo by Allen Edmunds VIA

Men’s fashion authority Allen Edmonds knows a moneyball when it sees one. The Fastball Boat Shoe ($115) adroitly struts the tightrope between gimmicks and licensed apparel to create a unique set of boaters for fans of America’s favorite pastime. Each pair is made from a white unlined distressed leather upper with red baseball stitchings on the heel and top front. The soles are made of ridged rubber for comfort and durability, and the entire frame is manufactured on Allen Edmonds’ Handsewn Last-2592, a guarantee that the pair you own is a truly unique, well-built piece. Moreover, true fanatics will rejoice at the company’s offer to customize the shoe with their favorite team’s official Major League Baseball logo. So long as you remember these shoes are made for wearing and not pitching, they should make a worthy addition to your spring collection.

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