One amp to rule them all

Line6 POD HD

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Line 6

It seems even the roadie has been made nearly obsolete in the wake of digital technology. The Line6 POD has been a mainstay in studios and professional live rigs for years, but this latest version, the POD HD, may now convince even the stuffiest of tube-amp worshippers into packing away their giant and costly amplifiers and effects boards. Without getting too complicated, the POD is a small desktop device which models 25 of the most historic guitar amplifiers in rock history down to the faintest squeal. Everything from the holy grail blues amps of the 60’s to modern boutique classics are contained within the POD HD, in addition to over 100 effects, a guitar tuner, and all of the ins and outs you need to record a killer track right to your computer via the USB port.

All parameters of the amplifiers and effects are easily tweaked via the onboard knobs, and when you are finished with creating your specific tone, user presets can then be stored for easy access in the future. For live settings, the POD HD even includes a 48 second looper and a “Dual Tone” feature, which allows the player to simultaneously use two different amps/effects rigs in tandem. In a nutshell, this means a player of any skill level can now tap into some of the most rare amplifiers of all time, sans the hefty price tags and eventual trip to the chiropractor.

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