End of a terror

Zombie Mall Experience

Culture : Entertainment By Photo by Wish.co.uk

Like you, we’ve watched the brain-eating zombie apocalypse theme get played out — zombie movies, zombie television programs, zombie costumes, books about zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is only slightly less tiresome than Austen’s original). However, Wish brings a fresh take on the meme with the Zombie Mall Experience, thrusting you from mindless observer to full-fledged participant. Set in an abandoned shopping mall 25 miles outside London, you will hunt a zombie horde (how many are in a horde, exactly?) with airsoft weapons while they shuffle after you, intent on eating your tender flesh.

Set in the Reading Shopping Centre, you and your fellow dystopic survivors battle the undead masses over the course of three hours for roughly $225. The hunt is wildly popular: Simon Pegg, star of Shaun of the Dead, raved about the event on twitter, and the first scheduled dates quickly sold out, prompting Wish to schedule additional weekend hunts. It’s also a limited time offer: the building is set for demolition, so no predictions on how much longer it will be available.

While it might not be worth making a special trip to England just for the chance to slay faux foes, if you happen to be hopping the pond any time soon you might check it out. But if you aren’t planning a trip to the blessed isle, we wouldn’t be surprised if a similar experience popped up stateside.

Buy Now: ~$225