Length matters

PING Nome 405 Adjustable Belly Putter

What was once a stigma is quickly becoming a standard in the golf industry for those who struggle on the putting green. We of course refer to the belly putter. The next iteration of belly putter enhancement comes to us from PING in the Nome 405 Adjustable Belly Putter ($300).

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With any piece of golf equipment getting the right fit makes all the difference. This turns out to be especially true for belly putters. Based on where you anchor the putter to you abdomen you could change as much as an inch or more in shaft length in either direction. If you’ve never used a belly putter before its going to be hard to know exactly where you’re going to be the most comfortable anchoring it without a lot of tinkering. In our tests we must have tried a dozen different iterations until one really felt right.

The Nome 405 Adjustable Belly Putter, as the name suggests, has an adjustable shaft that ranges from 37.5 to 46.5 inches. A small adjustment tool works a locking ring on the shaft that hold the club firmly in place while putting. Thankfully, there wasn’t any hint of instability or twisting during testing. With the wide range of length options available to you the Nome 405 can act as a belly or even a long putter (anchored at your sternum). We even tried a few putts with it as a really long (and heavy) standard putter. I can’t imagine it was built for that but some golfers undeniably love a heavy putter.

The Nome’s mallet shaped head is a precision milled aluminum and is finished with a durable nano nickel coating. The putter’s high MOI and low CG come from tungsten sole weighting. PING offers putters based on swing type (slight arc, strong arc or straight back). If you don’t know you’re putting swing path check out the iPING Putter App and it will measure your putting stroke for you.

While we’ve yet to get comfortable with belly putting overall, we love this putter and the freedom it offers golfers. Dropping three bills for a putter is a big commitment, but knowing you can tweak it until it’s just right may just make it all worth it. Especially for those brave enough to leave their conventional putters behind in search of better scores. And if you’re concerned about the way you’ll look on the course, just remember the age old adage: “Drive for show. Putt for dough”.

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