Fitness in the Digital Age

Bruce Perry’s Fitness for Geeks

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The vast majority of us are guilty of taking better care of the various gadgets around us than we do our most personal hardware: our body. Bruce Perry’s book focuses on the only thing that really matters: making you the healthiest person you can be, not transforming you into a hulking tower of meat and veins. Anyone who has ever been tied to a desk job knows how hard it can be to squeeze in time for a short cardio session, especially when management is breathing down your neck. But getting fit doesn’t need to be so daunting and Fitness for Geeks ($23) offers a straightforward blueprint to health optimization techniques. True to its title, the book makes use of various tools and the most up to date studies available. From the Zeo to help track your sleep patterns, to intermittent fasting protocols, to the benefit of hormesis, aka good stress — it’s all about sustainable ways to approach your fitness. Isn’t it time you rebooted your system?

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