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Eva Solo Grill Globe

Home By Photo by Eva Solo

Your average summer BBQ involves dealing with fire, smoke, charcoal, sweaty brows and thick cuts of meat. It’s a manly task that requires tools capable of withstanding plenty of torture and testosterone — but who decided aesthetics had to sit on the back burner? Thankfully, Eva Solo, a Danish firm, wants to bring sexy, sophisticated and sizzle back around the BBQ table. Similar to other designer grills we’ve covered in the past, the Grill Globe (~$520) bares only slight resemblance to the tank-like looks of your average Weber.

The most obvious difference is the aluminum lid that can be pushed back to hide almost completely in low wind days, as well as a pair of overlapping stainless steel legs. Borrowing from its propane counterparts, the gleaming globe also features an integrated thermometer and lock, which should come in handy if you’re the type to singe your eyebrows. As pretty as it is, the grill is built to withstand rain and frost, so you can leave your newly acquired Sputnik outside in the off season without fear. Still, picking up the compatible cover wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Buy Now: ~$520