Good Vibrations

Wilson Juice 100 BLX

Yes, we know, tennis is a game of finesse and skill—but that doesn’t mean we always listen to our own advice. Sometimes you just gotta beat the cover off the ball. For those that are more Roddick than reserved, there’s the Wilson Juice 100 BLX ($189).

Constructed from basalt fibers — that’s volcanic rock to the rest of us — the Juice 100 BLX boasts Amplifeel handle technology, which causes less vibration through the hand and arm when struck. Less vibrations equal cleaner, more solid contact. And with a super stiff frame weighing just 11 oz, Wilson’s newest stick offers a great balance between speed and power, which means more boom. So the next time you step between the lines, the only thing you’ll have left to worry about is your aim.

Buy Now: $189