Riding in style

Search and State All Road Apparel

Sure, you could argue the obnoxious styles of most biking apparel lines makes you more noticeable to vehicles on the road, but who cares about safety if you’re riding in clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in? A new brand Search and State is challenging the notion of what cycling gear should look like with the introduction of their S1-A Riding Jersey and S1-J Riding Jacket. Both items are handmade in the US, and represent stylish yet understated alternatives to the usual fluorescent road wear. Best of all, they come in just one color: a two-tone black and gray. For now, they’re only offering a jacket and jersey, but we can expect more murdered-out gear in the future.

The tailored-fit S1-A jersey is constructed from lightweight, breathable fabric that’s designed to dry quickly. The front Riri zipper helps with additional temperature regulation should you need it and boasts the classic three rear pockets to keep small items in check. The matching S1-J riding jacket is billed as a three season staple, equipped with a unique C-Change bionic climate membrane that independently reacts to changing temperatures by closing when exposed to cold and opening in response to heat. It’s also light enough to fit into the jersey’s pocket just in case things get too steamy.

Either item should help you look good and feel good while on the road, but we’d still recommend wearing a blinking hat or something for safety.

Buy Now: S1-A Riding Jersey $125 | S1-J Riding Jacket $245