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The Mastery of Time: A History of Timekeeping

May 23, 2012 Culture : Books By Photo by Flammarion

Writing a half-decent book on watches is no small feat, but authoring a history of time? That requires a level of prowess and dedication beyond the reach of most, but Dominique Fléchon, historian and expert in fine watches has done just that. His book, The Mastery of Time: A History of Timekeeping ($63) casts much more than a casual glance at watches.

Chronicling mankind’s obsession with time and its tireless attempts to measure it since the dawn of civilization, the book covers everything from sundials to atomic clocks, from pendulums to wristwatches. Flipping through the books pages is akin to embarking on a well-read adventure back in time. Fléchon presents the steady mastery of time across the millenniums and faithfully represented against the backdrop of human accomplishments and their narrow relationship to the science of horology. A towering scholarly accomplishment and already hailed as a major work of reference for collectors and experts, the The Mastery of Time is likely to fit just as nicely amid your collection of watches as in your library.

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