Take it all and then some

BigFoot Cargo Bags

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by BigFoot

The utility of a BigFoot Bag wouldn’t be lost on a wiseguy like Tony Soprano. They’re designed to lay completely flat for quick loading and unloading of everything from large bundles of cash to liberated merchandise, or even the recently “disposed of” competition. Once the dirty work is done, the bags zip up and securely clip tight for carrying.

Those with more savory occupations will also appreciate that BigFoot Cargo Bags work great as impromptu ground cloths or tarps and make moving an entire camp’s worth of gear incredibly easy, granted you’ve got Paul Bunyan-sized guns hiding under your sleeves. The yard bag, specifically, can move the equivalent of 13 large trash bags of waste material.

All of their offerings are made from sun, wind, water, and puncture-resistant materials and come in three sizes of small (57″x52″), medium (86″x72″), and large (118″x96″). Nice details like weighted sides and reinforced carrying handles top off the smart design, leaving you to focus on where the bodies contents need to go.

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