Free Bass'n

Sonos Sub

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Sonos

Sonos’ Play:3 wireless HiFi speakers were a huge hit when they were first released in the middle of last year. Great sounding audio quality from a wireless product isn’t always guaranteed, but the Play:3 did the trick.

The one the portable wonder did lack, however, was the added punch of top-drawer bass. Now with the Sonos Sub ($700), you can beef up your lower-frequency game with your existing Sonos System. Weighing in at a hefty 36 pounds, the Sonos Sub isn’t the most portable piece of kit out there, but it’s modern exterior should compliment most interiors nicely.

All that’s needed in terms of setup is some configuration with the free Sonos app and an available power outlet to plug into. That’s really it. From there, you’ll be able to enjoy top-notch bass-heavy sound wherever you see fit thanks to the unit’s “force-canceling” drivers and two internal air-ports. Prepare your Warren G collection accordingly.

Buy now: $599