Style Pick: Cuisse de Grenouille “Laine Tressée” Belt

June 1, 2012 Style : Accessories By Photo by Cuisse de Grenouille

Cuisse de Grenouille, which stands for frog leg in French, is a new Parisian fashion company that loves fiddling with details. To celebrate the coming of summer, no facet was ignored in the making of their “Laine Tressée” Belt ($96) collection. These bold “ceintures” brilliantly borrow from the expertise of three countries and combine Italian “Laine Tressée” aka braided wool, French nubuck leather and Spanish manufacturing to create one striking accessory. Available in a total of seven colour schemes, like their company’s namesake, they’ll make any look jump out from the crowd.

$96 | Cuissedegrenouille