Cut deep, Cutquik

Stihl TS 500i Cutquik

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Power up and rip through concrete, metal, asphalt, masonry, stone or ductile iron with the Stihl TS 500i Cutquik cut-off machine. With the industry’s first electronically controlled fuel-injection system, the portable rotary fires up with ease and maintains optimum engine power and torque no matter what material it’s dissevering — all with greater fuel-efficiency and lower emissions. The 72 cc, 5 HP engine powers a 14 inch cutting wheel to make short work of bricks, rebar, wrecked cars or Bin Laden’s bedroom door.

The Cutquik is also equipped with an anti-vibration system to reduce operator fatigue, an electronic ignition for fail-safe starts and an electronic water control system for dust control that’s adjustable on the fly. The result is a dependable, lightweight saw that’s also easy to use and easy on your carbon footprint. Using a Cutquick may not be quite like cutting through butter with a hot knife, but it’s certainly a lot more fun.

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