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2012 Toyota Prius: Practical

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Our love for apex hitting, rubber roasting and Corinthian leather ensconcing automobiles will never waiver, but we also have a mind for cars that deliver something real-worldy in a way that makes an actual difference. There are a handful of cars that approach their intended purpose with all the focus and determination of a hulking Grizzly bear after a ham hock. The Toyota Prius is just such a car.

So when we were given the chance to spend some quality time with the esteemed hybrid with a video crew on hand, we decided to dig for the gems buried within and crack a few jokes in the process. No drag strips, sweeping curves or top speeds were on the agenda here (naturally), just a pure and simple look at a car that has defined an entire market for so many, for enough years to make it worthy of a chapter in the automotive history books.

Our experience taught us that above all else, the Prius is a real-life kind of hybrid. Moderately priced (if you don’t count your tips in quarters), well-built and deceptively roomy, it’s a car that refuses to wear spoilers, low profile tires and exhaust pipes the size of a transatlantic conduit. It’s a commuter and a gear hauler, a mileage miser and still techno-savvy. Yup, it’s practical.

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Real life hybrid for the real life. The third-generation Prius is everyday innovation on four-wheels.