Get Into a Pickle

Gordy’s Pickle Jar

Culture By Photo by Gordy's

Pickles polarize. You’re on one side of the fermented fence or the other. We consider the salty, crispy cukes “the white man’s kimchi”, frankly. Gordy’s Pickle Jar just so happens to take their delicatessen delicacies seriously enough for fanatics like us. With four diverse gourmet pickle-based products — Sweet Chips, Hot Chili Spears, Sweet Pepper Relish and Thai Basil Jalapenos — Gordy’s goes beautifully beyond the tradition dill. Each recipe has been lovingly coaxed into a delicious niche using assorted ingredients like sweet brine, garlic, ginger, chili peppers and basil. The pickle people at Gordy’s even include two drink recipes that include their wares (a whiskey sour and a picklet — an enchanting take on a vodka gimlet). At $10 a jar, we’re about to start hoarding them, Buckwheat style.

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