Noodler’s Inks

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Calligraphy is big business. It’s also manly. Has it been hijacked by the fairer sex? For the time being, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean ol’ John Hancock wasn’t afraid to whip out his quill and nib/feed combination when the right cellulose paper called for it. Are you better than John Hancock? We didn’t think so, which is why today we bring you Noodler’s Inks. This rag tag group of southern script lovers specializes in the production of fine quality inks. Using a variety of mixes and age-old techniques, Noodler’s produces inks for every occasion and purpose. Their fast-drying, waterproof fountain pen ink can even save the environment. Or so they claim. In a world where the Bic runs dry, and staying classy is seen as an inconvenience, Noodler’s southern charm and refreshing appreciation of the finer things make them something to write home about.

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