This ain't the Oscars, and that's fine by us

Vimeo Awards 2012

Culture : Entertainment By Photo by Vimeo

The Vimeo Awards Thursday night kicked off Vimeo’s 2012 Festival weekend in New York with a goofy, off-the-wall bang. In attendance at the NYU Skirball Center were some of your Gear Patrol compadres, lending nicely into the creative sandwich of talented and upcoming filmmakers.

We missed the red carpet, but managed to land ringside seats on the guise of press. The night’s events were kicked off by the dulcet tones of the omnipotent “Voiceover” MC, a mysterious disembodied voice that turned out to be none other than the talented and seriously entertaining loop artist, beatboxer and rapper “Beardyman.” The night’s theme was “The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?” (not to be confused with Smashing Pumpkins), although it could have just well been “Awesome Videos and Awkward Acceptance Speeches.” Musical mad scientist Reggie Watts joined the Voiceover/Beardyman in performing and MC-ing; the pair were strange, dynamic and very much the heart and soul of the awards — other than the films, of course.

Speaking of the films: The nominees for every category ranging from advertising to documentary, animation to series, and many more, were astounding. We came with high expectations, and they were surpassed by visual and audio leaps and bounds. The winners of every category were able to strike a chord of the real essence of the Vimeo community. Video creators stressed the beauty of the site’s collaboration and competitiveness, which fosters the art films’ creativity and innovation — and we couldn’t agree more.

You can watch the winners after the jump, and be sure to head over to Vimeo to check out the runner-ups.

Best Lryical Video/Grand Prize Winner: “Symmetry” by Everyone

Best Advertisement: “K-Swiss- Kenny Powers MFCEO” by Caviar

Best Motion Graphics: “A History Of The Title Sequence” by Jurjen Versteeg

Best Narrative Video: “Blinky” by Ruairi Robinson

Best Remix Video: “Rear Window Timelapse” by Jeff Desom

Best Video Series: “Often Awesome” by All Aces Media

Best Documentary Video: “Amar (all great achievements require time)” by Pilgrim Films

Best Experimental Video: “Prie Dieu” by Cokau

Best Captured Video: “SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe” by SWEATSHOPPE

Best Fashion Video: “Mulberry ‘Skirt’” by Academy Plus

Best Music Video: Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” by DANIELS

Best Action Sports Video: “Dark Side of the Lens” by Astray Films

Best Animation Video: “Umbra” by Malcolm Sutherland