What’s over there? Tilt to find out.

Condition One Immersive iPad App

Tech : Apps By Photo by C1

If you’re really into watching or making movies, immerse yourself even further with the Condition ONE app. The startup’s groundbreaking video technology allows users to explore capturing full motion video at 180-degrees using the iPad, with full panning and tilting ability. Backed by some bigwig investors (like Mark Cuban), interaction with the video is an experience similar to that of exploring a giant photo, but with a continuous stream of video action.

The technology works by incorporating video shot on existing cameras that have the capability to shoot 180 degrees, then taking that footage and mapping it to a 3-D hemisphere of data. From there, it’s up to the user to interact with it how they choose, be it swiping, tilting, or taking full advantage of the iPad and Iphone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Check out the video after the jump to get a clearer picture.

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