Get under the table and dream

Dreaming Tree Wines

Culture By Photo by C. Burkhard

Need more Dave Matthews in your life? How about on your table, in a carafe or by the bottle? Then you’re in luck, because the jam master himself has teamed up with famed winemaker Steve Reeder to craft a collection of wine designed specifically crafted to be drunk — not just another celebrity collaboration. Named Dreaming Tree Wines ($15 per bottle / $180 per case), after the namesake track on Matthews’ 1998 album, includes a 2009 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2010 Central Coast Chardonnay, and 2009 North Coast Crush red blend. Developed in partnership with Constellation Wines U.S, the environmentally conscious vino uses bottles which are 50% lighter than the average wine bottle (meaning smaller carbon footprint), while the brown craft paper label comes from 100% recycled material. And, if you’re not a fan DMB’s music, just keep drinking, it’ll sound good eventually — the wine will be good from the get-go.

Buy Now: $15 per bottle | $180 per case