Rockin' good bourbon

Tasting Notes: Rock Hill Farms Bourbon

Culture By Photo by Griffin Sweet

In the single barrel bourbon space, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is at the top of our list for their variety of well-made, accessible and just generally great bourbons. Their Blanton’s Bourbon gets most of the shelf space — and for good reason, it’s delicious — but our current single barrel favorites in the Buffalo Trace lineup are Eagle Rare, Elmer T. Lee and Rock Hill Farms ($40).

Rock Hill Farms pours a shimmering amber-orange, which is an inviting start. Dive in to find aromas of toasted rye, vanilla, black pepper and some tantalizing marshmallow notes. On the palate it’s warm and viscous, with lots of honey, vanilla and fruit, plus some dried oak and cocoa. It finishes long, smooth and luxurious, with candied nuts and toffee. And amidst all the big flavors above, there’s a fun interplay between warm cinnamon and cooling mint that keeps your mouth tingling well after you’re done drinking.

For a 100 proof whiskey, Rock Hill Farms is remarkably well-balanced and easy-drinking, never becoming overwhelmed by the alcohol. Offering a quality aroma, taste and mouthfeel, it hits the holy trinity for bourbons, so you’d do well to secure a bottle before it’s gone (it’s not in limited supply; we just drink it a lot).

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