Burrito ex machina


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The closure of El Bulli + the rise of 3D digital printing = Opportunity! Bereft foodies now have common cause with CAD manufacturers — to rejoice in the dementedly creative mind of one NYU grad student who has prototyped the Burritob0t, a 3D printer for making, yep, burritos. Inspired by a frustration over the paucity of decent burrito/taco places in Gotham and his thesis requirements for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Marko Manriquez developed what he calls “digital gastronomy” and a possible solution to man’s ulimate quest: the search for the perfect natural gas source burrito.

Marko built the Burritob0t using an open source hardware plan for a gantry system that holds and moves the extruder — a syringe and air compressor that “extrudes” wet ingredients onto a tortilla. A Kickstarter campaign to fund production will egin in July, with plans for a mobile app that will let you customize your order online and on-the-go. While Marko waxes metaphysical about food origins, environment impacts societal forces and other exogenous factors (where is that damn Econ 101 textbook?), what we really want to know: How does it taste and can it duplicate the productivity of the deft mad manual skills of your average San Diego taqueria worker? And if you get a bad case of gas from eating one, does it violate Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics?

Watch the Burritob0t after the jump.

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Burritob0t.net Stop Motion [test] from Marko Manriquez on Vimeo.