Taking care of the boys

Hincapie George Signature Bib Shorts

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Hincapie

With spring’s base miles behind, it’s time for a summer of centuries, group rides and the odd criterium. This means a lot of time in the saddle between now and Labor Day. Of your three points of contact with the bike, perhaps the most important to take care of is between your legs. So don’t skimp on your cycling shorts. Most riders who are uncomfortable after an hour or more of riding blame their saddle but it’s usually your shorts. Badly-placed seams and a thin chamois can spell agony or, worse, chafing and saddle sores. So it’s worth an upgrade and if you’re going to buy one new pair of shorts this summer, make it a pair of Hincapie George Signature bibs.

George Hincapie, one of America’s most accomplished and respected professional cyclists, just announced his retirement after a career escorting Lance Armstrong to seven Tour de France titles as well as winning the US pro cycling championship for himself multiple times. A few years ago, Big George started an eponymous line of high end cycling clothes and the George Signature jersey and bibs are the top of the range.

I have been riding this kit most of the spring and have been reminded what a difference well-fitting shorts can make. The extra-wide leg grippers stay put and don’t ride up or dig in, the chamois is thick enough to do its job without feeling like a diaper and the thin fabric is so breathable I almost feel overexposed. It’s fitting that a pair of bibs named for a tall cyclist like George Hincapie would be sized well for taller riders, a welcome change from the wedgie that can come from ill-fitting bibs. Keep in mind that this kit is designed for warm weather riding so once fall comes, you’ll want a thicker layer. But there are a lot of miles to ride before then.

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