Behind the Wheel: Quick Spin in the Scion FR-S

Toyota’s sports car submission has been woefully absent from the automotive scene since the MR-2 Spyder bit its last customers in 2005. Well the Scion FR-S ($24,930) has something to say about that. Recently introduced with its sister vehicle, the Subaru BRZ, the FR-S is a game changer for the automaker. Initially, Toyota wasn’t too keen on the idea until Toyota president, Akio Toyoda exercised a bit of automotive chutzpah and insisted that the Japanese automaker proceed with a sports car project to instill some passion in their family-friendly lineup. Hallelujah.

The result is the attractive, but more importantly, performance-minded Scion FR-S. It has all the right moves, too. Rear wheel drive, light weight, quick steering response, neutral handling, a 200 hp flat four boxer engine lending to a low center of gravity, and a proper six speed manual transmission. Okay, so it’s no rocket sled, but it was never designed to be. It’s a purists car and it’s meant for spirited driving through the twisties and the curves of the open road. And we got the chance to drive it.

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Additional Contribution by Amos Kwon