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Presidential Campaign Posters: 200 Years of Election Art

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Excited for this year’s upcoming election? Neither are we. Or we weren’t, that is, until we checked out Presidential Campaign Posters: 200 Years of Election Art ($27), an illustrated history of our country’s presidential election campaign propaganda. The Library of Congress-published tome features 100 removable, ready-to-frame campaign posters, each with a brief description of the election and final contest results.

The book not only serves as a fascinating snapshot of the country’s mood at particular points in history, but also as a reminder that as jaded we may get about the seemingly eroding political discourse in this country today, things really aren’t that much different than they’ve always been. Not that some of the ads don’t seem hilariously outdated. For instance, it would be hard to imagine anyone getting away with a poster like Herbert Hoover had for his 1928 election, which features a crudely drawn owl with the caption, “The Wise Old Bird Says, ‘Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-ver.”

But hey, the guy won, so hoo-hoo-who knows?

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