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Sony Wonderbook

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Sony

If you’re considering sneaking some Adderall into your favorite kid’s midday snack, you should take a peek at the Sony Wonderbook first. Recently unveiled at E3, the educational tool is an augmented reality pad consisting of only 12 pages that leverage the PS3’s PlayStation Eye camera to create the ultimate version of the pop-up book for the 21st century. Tracking the spatial displacement of both the user and the pad, the camera displays the “book” on your home television and follows your body’s movements to allow for full-on interaction.

Partnering with Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling, the Wonderbook’s first demonstration to the world was Book of Spells, which showcased dragons flying off the page, users having to fan out flames from the book catching on fire, and how to properly hold a wand to make people levitate. While the Wizarding certainly has childish appeal, Sony has stated that they intend to use the platform for more real-life learning opportunities in the future. The word dinosaur was even dropped — gasp.

Available later this year for $40, personally we think the possibility of keeping a screaming 5-year old quiet for a few hours is magic enough.

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