The Big Cheese

Tupelo Honey Pimento Cheese Club

Culture By Photo by Tupelo Honey

Cursed as this particular author is with lactose intolerance, it’s still not reason enough to hold back from subscribing to Tupelo Honey’s Pimento Cheese Club ($228). If you’re lucky enough to have enzymes that don’t screw you out of the most delicious food there is, don’t take it for granted; eat cheese. Tupelo Honey’s club celebrates the finest of dairy treats — that’s right, you heard us ice cream — every other month by sending members made-from-scratch Pimento, Hickory Nut Gap Farm charcuterie and artisanal crackers made by Roots and Branches. Yearly membership includes 6 cheese-gorged care packages. If anything, do it for all the lactose intolerants in your life. Bonus points if you kick on a little Van Morrison while indulging.

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