Oktoberfest on demand

Professional Microbrewery

Drinks By Photo by H.S.

We’ve found home brewers to be a zealous lot, with arguments about proportions of barley/hops/secret ingredients, the virtues of top versus bottom fermenting, and the pursuit of a beer that rocks ABV and IBU values. With a small investment ($45K), you can put your brewing efforts on Viagra and move directly to the top of the beer-quaffing connoisseur list with a Professional Microbrewery. If you have a Viking range in the kitchen and a Lamborghini in the garage—in other words, the guy for whom the best is sine qua non — then this is your kit, Myrhvold.

As a scale model of the equipment craft microbrewers use, the automated brewing system uses computer programming to simplify turning recipes into tasty beverage, albeit 14 gallons at a time versus 100+. Quality construction, as you’d expect at this price, means industrial-grade stainless steel throughout, and the equipment comes complete with a 15-lb. grain mill, eight reusable 5-liter mini kegs, two 2-liter growlers, six 19-oz. dimpled beer steins, and mash tun mixing paddle. With a water supply and a 220v AC supply, you’ll be hosting beer-tasting in no time. You probably won’t put a dent in Stone’s sales, but think of all the money you’ll save on beer.

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