The original planking

Ingmar Beer Surfboards

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Surfing is as much an art form as a sport. The simplistic beauty of the waves, sand and sun is the basis of a perfect day hanging ten. Ingmar Beer Surfboards ($600+) make you and your board part of that candid aesthetic. Beer’s boards are hand-made in New York, but their design is an import. The wooden, thin, square-tailed and finless planks called “alaia” were used by native Hawaiians more than a thousand years ago to catch waves. With a strong resume of practical, enjoyable goods — Hawaiian pizza, Hawaiian shirts, Hawaii 5-0 — you should be happy to follow the Islanders’ lead on this one. Though the alaia style nearly disappeared around 1900, Beer and other shapers have brought the straightforward artistry back — and the reward is yours. Beer’s alaia are sold in select shops but are also available for custom order. Pricing is as simple as the lightly tapered planks: $600 for lengths under seven feet, $800 for anything longer.

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