Get pumped

Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive

Some floor pumps ensure the only workout you get is an exercise in frustration. Leaky chucks, short reach tubes, shoddy construction — they take up space and don’t put air in tires. Lezyne’s Alloy Floor Drive ($80) floor pump is the old Silca Track Pump reincarnate, plus. The well made Floor Drive features a 7000 series CNC-machined aluminum barrel, a 43″ hose that will reach your bike’s tires while your mount is mounted in a repair stand and a solid wood crossbar just waiting to be handled, man. The flip-thread chuck is secure, easily attached or detached and provides a tight seal for either Presta or Schrader valves. A good thing, because this Schwarznegger-esque pump can take your tires to track racing pressures at a max of 220 psi. The big 25″ barrel fills a regular road tire in about 20 pumps. That’s hardly enough time to swear at that nail you just ran over.

Buy Now: $80