A different kind of wet work

3×1 Denim Solution

We’ve already detailed how the guys at 3×1 are the Grand Masters of anything denim. Now you can also care for your jeans just like the folks at the 15 Mercer Street’s atelier with their 3×1 Denim Solution ($20), used in the brand’s famous “Wet x 1” process. The 8 oz bottle of solution enables you to clean your favorite pair without the damage of machine washing, while protecting the fabric from bleeding. The liquid can be used in most of 3×1’s multiple care options, whether you wash once a lifetime or once a month. One bottle lasts for fifteen washes, so just like your jeans, this solution’s yours for the long cut.

Editor’s Note: Can’t bring yourself to wash your denim, despite the smell? retaW’s mood denim fragrance can help cut the stench without sacrificing precious indigo.

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