Swimwear grows up

Style Pick: Paste Swim Trunks

Style : Clothing By Photo by M.S.P. VIA

Even if you spent all spring getting your physique Speedo-ready, it’s probably for the best that you wear something a bit more… local. But then again, the last thing your just-add-water outing needs is that pair of loud surfer shorts you’ve been modeling since college. Luckily, Paste Blue Navy Yellow Trunks ($94) strike a brilliant compromise between Mr. Universe bikini briefs and bro-friendly board shorts. Made in the US out of 100% nylon, the trunks showcase a classic, subtle stripe design (that hides zippered pockets) to go along with their retro fit. Add in the fact that they’ve been both saltwater and chlorine tested, and you’re free to stylishly party down anywhere from Maui to Milwaukee.

$50 | Pasteshirts.com