Take it or leave it?

The Burning House

Culture : Books By Photo by Foster Huntington

We’re all materialistic to some degree. Let’s face it, that’s why you come to this site (besides the bombastic and articulate writers, of course). We would never advocate loving objects more than our loved ones or even the act of living itself — then again, did you see that 90-inch Sharp behemoth?. Examining the things we cherish, though, is a telling way to understand each other, and ourselves.

Foster Huntington’s new book The Burning House ($11), based off of his viral Tumblr-gone-viral, asks the simple question, “what would you take first?” to thousands of random responders around the world. In cataloging their responses, which Foster has collected over a year long journey in a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro Van, the book examines themes around: human nature, values, and bare-bones cherishment — inspired by wealth, sentimentality or anything in between. Paired with moving photography that Foster is known for, it’s a fascinating study on attachment that will leave any reader pondering what’s truly important.

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