Easy on the eyes

Smith Optics Vapor 2

Style : Accessories By Photo by Smith Optics

We already know retro glasses are in. But thick frames don’t work for everyone, especially if you’re a one-frame kind of guy and are even remotely active. Anyone who’s interested in a minimalist frame that stands up to active use should give the Smith Optics Vapor 2 ($179) (which we recently put to the test) a blurry-eyed look.

The handsome frames come in three flavors: black, ruthenium (silver) and olive. The titanium LaserFlex temples and partially rimless frames wear comfortably and remain secure even on sweaty, grimy faces. Though the design feels lightweight, the Vapor 2 held up extremely well on an active overseas trip and easily survived numerous unintentional drops. Plus, we like the frame’s subtle design that exudes class, rather than freshman physics class. Smith will gladly fulfill your prescription in 1-2 weeks, so you don’t have feel your way around the world for too much longer. The best part? Smith’s stellar lifetime warranty, which you don’t see every day.

Buy Now: $179 (frames only)