Redefines "dive bombing"

Juliet Marine Systems GHOST

Cars By Photo by Juliet VIA

Just when you think you’ve seen just about every kind of vehicle on earth, smarter minds plan a surprise for your cranium. Portsmouth, New Hampshire based Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. has been working with the U.S. Government on the formerly ultra-secret GHOST, the world’s first “super-cavitating” craft, which essentially means that the boat/submarine has the capability to “fly” through an underwater gaseous environment that enables the craft to travel with 900 times less hull friction than water. The idea behind this technology is pure stealth. In super-cavitation, water pressure is consistently lowered below vapor pressure, allowing the specially-shaped nose of the craft to deflect the mass of water around the body at high speeds, thereby creating low pressure and a resulting “cavitation bubble” that travels around the craft and closes behind it. Bitchin’, eh?

The unique craft could operate in aircraft-like squadrons underwater and be utilized to free up larger ships, as well as provide protection for larger crafts from piracy. With a bevy of weapons and the ability to insert or extract military personnel swiftly and silently, the GHOST could change the nature of naval warfare. This would be possible because the craft would be highly mobile, highly maneuverable and basically undetectable by modern methods. If you’re planning a career as a Somali pirate, you might want to rethink your future.

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