These beans count

Starbucks Indivisible Blend

Culture By Photo by Starbucks

Whether or not you’re a fan of the recently passed health care legislation, we can all agree that the good ol’ US of A could use a little help these days. That’s why the Seattle-based coffee giant has introduced Starbucks Indivisible Blend. Sold both by the cup and in one-pound whole bean bags, the blonde roast blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees has been made to help your fellow Americans get back to work. Five cents from every cup and $5 from every bag of Indivisible Blend coffee sold will be donated to the Create Jobs for USA Fund. By stopping in and purchasing an Indivisible Blend product, you’ll be helping to create and sustain jobs through independent growth loans to small community businesses, affordable housing developers, nonprofit organizations and more. In sum, it’s a hard-working cup of joe that benefits hard-working Joes (See what we did there?).

Editor’s Note: Starbucks is offering a free tall hot brewed coffee to all customers tomorrow, July 4th, in hopes of sparking conversation about how we can all work to end political gridlock. You’ve now officially got pre-BBQ plans.

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