Well read? TED well.

TED Books

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Five years ago, Mexicans who sold tacos out of the back of a van were targets of the health department. Now, kids from suburbs buy trucks, sell mashup tacos, and get their own TV shows. How did they do it? The inspiration they received from TED. Building on the millions who have absorbed the ideas and inspiration of TEDTalks, TED Books, is a new publishing imprint designed to promote great ideas in a new, shorter (not quite a novel and more than an in-depth article) reading format that caters to the shorter attention spans of today: Kindle, Nook and iBooks. What shorter attention span you say? The shorter attention spans that can chiefly be attributed to the societal bifurcation of norms revolving around the… I like turtles. That one.

Choose from titles such as Hybrid Reality, What’s Killing Us, and Beyond the Hole in the Wall, which are written and rich multimedia expansions on topics covered through the conference series. Now, did those taco trucks boys really get their inspiration from TED? I’m sure Food Network and others would disagree, but in this matter trust no one but me.

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