Breaking Fresh Wind

Design Spotlight | Enessere Hercules Wind Turbine

Design By Photo by Enessere VIA

We’re all for clean energy, but sometimes the execution of the pursuit can just get plain annoying. Wind turbines, for example. Ubiquitous and essentially looking like an overgrown P-51 Mustang’s propeller on a stick, they just don’t seem to make any landscape more attractive. This is where the Enessere Hercules Wind Turbine aims to bring a refreshing aesthetic to wind energy, albeit on a smaller scale. Designed by Terry Glenn Phipps for the Italian firm, the 23-foot tall Hercules uses three huge curved wooden blades that seem to mimic contoured noodles radiating around the axis (okay, so we’re hungry). The most interesting function of this design is its ability to capture wind from any direction, and its size makes it practical for home or smaller commercial use. All we know is that decorating it during Christmas could prove to be a rather interesting challenge.

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