Capitalism Hold 'Em

Monopoly Deal

Culture : Entertainment By Photo by Hasbro

Unless you’re ready to while away an entire three-day weekend over beer, chips and fiduciary fisticuffs, the game of Monopoly is just about the most impossibly non-ending game out there, besides GameBoy Tetris. Does anyone actually finish Monopoly before a frustrated player chucks the board aside?

Enter Monopoly Deal ($8), a fast-paced version of the finance-game we’ve all come to know and love (and hate). Average time for a two-person Deal game? 10 minutes. Forgoing dice, jail, and other maniacal rules (e.g. tolls, taxis and auctions), Monopoly Deal centers more on surprise moves and deception — this is a game of capitalism after all — relying more on opponents’ wits and tactics versus long-term strategy. To stir the pot, players encounter moves like game-changing reversals (“just say no” is about the best play since Uno’s wildcard), forced property swaps, and debt collection. With 2-5 players, and a method for children to play against adults equally, this is easily one of the most clever “real” games we’ve encountered since, well, the original. And just for the record, Marvin Gardens is our jam.

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