Don't switch channels on Google TV just yet

Vizio Co-Star

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Vizio

Google TV has failed to make inroads in the exploding “Smart TV” market, but the Vizio Co-star ($99) could change its fate. This affordable Internet-ready console connects to either a satellite or cable TV box and combines live television with your favorite streaming services (like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video), along with Google Chrome for full screen web surfing. Plus, unlike whatever Apple will come out with, this pocket-sized beauty supports Flash and HTML 5.

Gamers should also take note: OnLive’s massive game library is available for you to play, view and demo through their cloud gaming service too. While Vizio’s included two-sided touchpad remote with keyboard is a sophisticated accessory for navigating the Co-Star, you’ll want to pick up OnLive’s wireless controller for true fragging action.

Is this the future of gaming and television? Maybe not, but the present is pretty sweet.

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