Green with energy

Smart Brabus E-bike

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Daimler

E-bikes are all the rage lately, giving riders the ability to pedal when they feel like it…or take a few minutes off and let the onboard motor help out. They provide something for the best and worst parts of all of us. The Smart BRABUS e-bike (TBA) takes the niche to the next level, combining the best qualities of the original Smart Ebike with the performance chops of the high end customizer Brabus. Specifically, Brabus doubled the power of this sleek bad boy’s hub motor to 500-watts, for a max speed of 25mph. It’s also 10% lighter.

Outside of power and mass considerations, the Smart Brabus e-bike is equipped with four-piston regenerative brake system on the front wheel, carbon fiber throughout and a sensuous green leather accents in all the right places. Not to mention there’s also a custom iPhone holder. The coup de maitre, though, is the BionX PL500 system (sounds like a terminator, doesn’t it?) that gives riders four levels of electrical assistance to choose from via the throttle grip. It won’t make you an Armstrong — but as a wrist strong, you might have more fun.

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