Small super shooter

Point Grey Flea3 Video Camera

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Point Grey VIA

Video cameras have only gotten smaller and smaller, such that most people think nothing of having a low-res shooter in their phone or laptop. The Point Grey Flea3 is an ultracompact, 4k video camera with high frame rates, but that’s not the camera’s big trick. With USB 3.0, the ~1 inch cube pushes data and pulls power from the same single cable, reducing lines and facilitating unobtrusive installation and employment in tight spaces. Geared to security, surveillance, and monitoring applications, Flea3’s Sony Exmor R sensor shoots at up to 4k resolution at 21 fps, and up to 150 fps at lower resolution. There’s also a tripod mount and an 8-pin GPIO connector to allow synching of externals like light sources or GPS. Other uses, we leave to your devious mind.

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