The Formula 1 Car has always been the pinnacle of automotive engineering. Currently in its sixty-third season, the best and brightest in motorsport continue to find ways around rules and regulations with their motorized manipulations of physics on the track. Rufus Blacklock has painstakingly produced an animated history of the evolution of these open-wheeled interpretations of speed to illustrate their amazing transformations. From the straight-eight powered bathtubs of the fifties, through the turbo charged seventies, to the multi-winged V-8 racers of today, The History of the Formula 1 Car captures the winning chassis from each respective season. At only one minute long, you may want to study the equally beautiful infographics to fully appreciate the changes occurring to the cars, the power plants propelling them and even their steering wheels. You have to know the past to understand the present; Rufus Blacklock’s film should help speed that up.