Keep your cool

Cool Point Hand Cooler

July 13, 2012 Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Trigger Point

Has our resident Ironman-in-training inspired you to get fit? Then there might be some sweltering runs in your future. The Cool Point ($20) by training accessory maker Trigger Point can help balance your body temp during the dog days of summer by stimulating thermoregulation signals to your brain. Just freeze the encased gel pack for four hours and strap it around your hand.

The Cool Point isn’t something you want to take at the outset of a long run since it stays chilly for up to 60 minutes, but it’s ideal for picking up at a Transition 2 area or mile 20 of a marathon. Ice cubes and frozen water bottles can work too, but they either melt quickly or alter your form. And the hand strap allows users to make on-the-run adjustments to other gear. Wearing it, unfortunately, won’t help your cool points in the eyes of the opposite sex.

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