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Wacom Cintiq 22HD Tablet

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Wacom

From road signs to technical schematics, or business usage to clever motivational posters, design affects every area of our life. Whether figuring out primary and tertiary color selection is something that is more of a riddle to you, or choosing the perfect neo-grotesque typeface thrills you more than a triple espresso con panna, an artist is no better than his tools.

Any Adobe aficionado worth his stylus will tell you that equipment selection can run the gamut, but we find that the Cintiq 22HD ($2,000) packs the most bang for your dollar. This newest line of 1920 x 1080 tablet from Wacom ups the ante by packing a bevy of utility features such as the Ulta-Sensitive and Pen-Tilt Recognition display. Essentially, by capturing even the most subtle nuances of pen pressure, you can dynamically adjust exposure, opacity, brush size and line weight. Additionally, with pen-tilt recognition you can vary the effects created by your pen by simply changing the angle of your stroke. These features are rounded off by the reclining and 180 degree swiveling capability that allows you to adjust the tablet and work in a position that’s natural and comfortable for you.

We’re not sure if: 1) Wacom can see all the intricate contours of design functionality the way Sherpas see the curvature of the Earth, or 2) they have an uncanny ability to dupe us into buying things we don’t need. Either way, we’re calling it a win.

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