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2013 Acura RDX: One if by Land

Cars By Photo by Gerber+Scarpelli


The 2013 Acura RDX is as all-new as they come. We don’t mean two extra paint colors, miniscule headlight tweaks, and some nifty new wheel designs. We mean all-new from the ground up, rubber to roofline. The 2013 RDX’s sheet metal says modern, urban and sleek — all at once. Plus, the 3.5 liter i-VTEC® V6 engine with 273 horsepower means you don’t have to make any excuses when you merge on asphalt and make your way to the passing lane. We ventured through the various scenes and sights around the Windy City, Chicago to see how this all-new all-rounder would conquer Land, Air and Sea(side). See the sights in the new RDX with GP with more details and photos after the jump in our first of four upcoming posts.

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8:45 AM

The RDX’s new sheet metal racks up points in both sleek polish and modern design. Hard to ignore as the sun bounces off the creases and contours as we head out at the start of the day. The thought in the exterior design is evident as the morning light picks up the beautiful character line and the fender lines. This is a good beginning to a beautiful day.

9:22 AM

Our journey down to the south side for a daytime viewing of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic homes proved to be the perfect first trip for the RDX, as it makes mincemeat of urban transport. It turned its fair share of heads, as well. The roomy RDX devoured our slew of gear.

11:17 AM

The red aluminum ignition button draws your finger to get the potent V6 going and the RDX awakens with a gentle push. Frank Lloyd Wright design is truly beautiful, but we’re also drawn to the interior of the RDX. What you first notice about the cabin is that it’s designed as a place to both focus and to relax. User friendly and supremely comfortable for a day’s driving and more. The 10-way power driver’s seat and the perforated leather make it a good place to be. Bring on the day, and night.

The RDX, the Windy City and Frank Lloyd Wright are solid nods to good design. It handled an easy fifty-plus miles through traffic and open urban roads, and the RDX wasn’t even breathing lightly. Land traversed, morning sights seen, satisfaction achieved. Where will the RDX take us next?

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Photography by Gerber+Scarpelli