More sizzle, more steak

Grand Hall X-Series Infrared Grills

Home By Photo by Grand Hall

For some, the grill isn’t as important as the food it prepares. Grand Hall, however, is more than happy to oblige outdoor kitchenistas in search of some stylish sizzle to go with their steak.

Specifically, the grill maker teamed up with Porsche Design Studio and the Porsche Engineering Group GmBH, to create, well, the Porsche of grills. The luxurious X-Series includes two Teutonic tandoors, both available in either matte black or stainless steel colorways, destined to illicit lust whether you know what medium-rare means or not. If you don’t, that’s actually not a problem since each includes programmable LCD and four patented Crossray infrared burners that are 40% more efficient than their gas burning counterparts, all topped off with counterbalanced hood. While the smaller X1 ($8,600) makes a beautiful addition to any deck, the X2’s ($12,500, shown above) integrated countertops and hidden cupboards will have you making three meals a day in the great outdoors. Either way, you get a built-in rotisserie with a discrete drive motor powered by rechargeable batteries, so maybe next time we’ll be talking about your chicken.

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