Get a harder deck

Perennial Wood

Home By Photo by Eastman

Neither the bane of a teenage boy’s frustrated existence nor Morningwood’s follow-up to their eponymous 2006 album, Perennial Wood is a bona fide building material. Technically it’s a non-toxic acetylation process called TruLast Technology proprietary to Eastman Chemical Company, but we’re not arguing semantics.

Here’s what the process does: by changing wood at the molecular level to resist water absorption, it becomes more dimensionally stable and durable. In fact, acetylated wood is three times more stable and 25% harder than raw wood, minimizing warping, bowing, and cupping. Less movement means longer life for decking, furniture, and porch flooring — anything made of wood that faces the cyclical travails of rain, heat, humidity, and cold will endure those harsh elements for up to 25 years without additional treatment.

Moreover, Perennial Wood retains the base material’s workability, allowing use of standard woodworking tools and painting. Currently, the product is exclusively available in the Northeast (because let’s face it, Southern California doesn’t really have weather to challenges a wood deck like a Boston winter). However, as sustainable construction practices become more commonplace, the product is likely to spread to other markets. Pretty soon, “Got Wood?” is going to have a completely different meaning.

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