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Tasting Notes: High West Campfire Whiskey

Culture By Photo by High West

Throughout the ages, explorers have embraced a shared passion besides venturing into the unknown. Whiskey. Now the story behind this Park City based whiskey may not involve stories of crusading into the unknown, but it does involve a fortuitous encounter with a dessert of ripe honeydew drizzled with simmering peated whiskey and sugar.

Lightbulb. Why not craft a spirit from the profile of a melon and sweet smoke (blending bourbon and peat)? The result is High West Campfire Whiskey ($55) and it’s unexpectedly good — anchored by the sweet tones of bourbon combined with the fruity kick of a mature rye whiskey, and a smokey finish from the Scotch’s peated barley malt. But take a little advice from the creator and imbibe not just to have a good night, but a good night with friends. Preferably around a fire.

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